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Vietnam and Afghanistan: A Reminder and Jeremiad

Some compare the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban to the fall of South Vietnam to the Communist North Vietnamese in 1975. There is one titanic difference.

The United States had defeated North Vietnam, and this was sealed at the Paris Peace Accords. It was not an unwinnable war. But the victory had to be secured by keeping the peace, which mean giving ongoing US aid to South Vietnam. The US Congress (controlled by Democrats) refused do that, over the pleas of President Gerald Ford. Then Saigon fell. The Viet Cong took over South Vietnam. Millions fled or tried to flee. Remember the “boat people,” escaping yet another worker’s paradise? Vietnam became another Communist prison state that imprisoned, tortured, and killed untold numbers. Then, because South Vietnam fell, Cambodia fell to Pol Pot, another Communist (trained in France), who killed about two million of his own people for being counterrevolutionary. That was about 25%-30% of the population. Mao killed the most, 70,000,000, but Pol Pot holds the record for killing the highest percentage of his own people. They can argue in hell whose achievement was greater.

This may surprise you, since Vietnam has been falsely depicted by the press and in films. The war was procured to stop Communist aggression. It was not imperialism. What I write is true. America was humiliated without reason; it betrayed its allies; and it sentenced millions to tyranny and death.

Today, the world faces something similar, but different. The war in Afghanistan was longer than the Vietnam war, but I’m not sure it was ever won. The US presence insured a more stable and more tolerant government. The war started because Afghanistan, controlled by the Taliban, gave save harbor to ben Ladin, the mastermind beyond the 9/11 attacks on America. That war had to be fought.

However we assess all this, the armed forces departure from Afghanistan is an unmitigated disaster and human rights tragedy, sentencing the brave Afghan people to untold oppression and misery under a Taliban demonocracy. Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief. It is ultimately his fault. We can pray and we can welcome as many refugees to our shores and into our homes as possible.

America is imploding at home and abroad. Our liberties are at stake, given the rise of statism and surveillance. Our taxes support abortion on demand. Our streets were ablaze and may be again. We have insecure borders. Our standing abroad is further blemished if not poisoned by the Afghanistan apocalypse. The Executive Branch is occupied by a radically incompetent man (or worse), who is failing mentally and falling America and falling the world.

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