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A Time for Truth and Courage

Tony Campolo now supports “the full inclusion” of homosexuals and lesbians in the church. This article

speaks of a new wind of the Spirit causing Christians to look afresh at Scripture on this issue.

Campolo has never been a compelling thinker. I once heard him say that politically he was “to the left of Mao.” I did not laugh at that in 1979 nor will I ever. Mao killed 90 million of his own people over fifty years of his reign, during peacetime. Campolo once wrote that Jesus was divine because he was fully human. I see. Any of our students at Denver Seminary would be strongly corrected for that incoherent and illogical Christology. Those won over by Campolo’s famous oratory should consider his arguments, which are poor.

Talk of “grace” and “tolerance” and “love” all you want. The Bible does not endorse any intimate sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage. Love covers a multitude of sins but it justifies no sin.

Paul warns us not to be flown by every wind of doctrine. Endorsing the LGBTQ philosophy is a toxic wind of false doctrine. In this, beware of fallacious thinking.

  1. You either accept LGBTQ people or hate them. No you show love. That does not mean endorsing sinful activity.

  2. The church needs to catch up with the times. No, it needs to fear the Ancient of Days, whose truth does not change.

  3. But many Christians are LGBTQ. Perhaps, but this does not justifying sinning in their sexuality by breaking God’s creation order and his commands.

  4. Jesus did not speak about LGBTQ people; therefore, he did not oppose it. This is an argument from silence and is, thus, fallacious. Not talking directly about X does not mean you are not against X. Jesus did not directly speak against bestiality either. Jesus did endorse the moral law of the Hebrew Bible, which forbids deviant sexuality (Leviticus 18); and Jesus authorized the teaching of the Apostle Paul, who taught that sexual deviancy came from the fall (Romans 1:18-32).

American culture is collapsing all around us. Christians are celebrating in the ruins, cheering the denial of biblical truth.

Will you have the courage to stand for truth? Will you do the work to back up your views logically and theologically? Will you be a pawn or a prophet? Will you speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) or cower in a corner?


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