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4 Reasons Why Leaders Should be Readers

Christian leaders need to direct and inspire through their knowledge and character. I here assume you are not reading romance novels or graphic novels. Leaders should be readers, among other things. Why?

1. Reading deepens your awareness of life. You can see things with other eyes and expand your awareness. God’s people need perspective. 2. Reading helps you not to be a sucker, to be sucked into superficial fads, bad ideas, and general stupidity. 3. Reading helps you love others better, because you have more meat to offer them. 4. You need to be an example of intellectual rectitude and studiousness.

How can this be done?

1. Limit time online. Kindle is good for some things, such as reading while traveling and for capturing text. However, the book affords its unique charms for understanding. See my chapter, “The Book, the Screen, and the Soul,” in “The Soul in Cyberspace.” 2. Find time alone and without distraction to read. Perhaps “a clean, well-lit place,” or in messiness (as I do). 3. Ask thoughtful friends what they are reading. 4. Haunt bookstores for books. Duh. 5. Check the New York Times Book Review.

What to Read

1. That which deepens your calling. 2. History: for perspective on today. 3. Philosophy: sharpen your critical thinking prowess and knowledge of worldviews and the history of ideas. 4. Psychology: better understand yourself and others. 5. Poetry: the kind you can understand. 6. Apologetics: learn to defend your faith wisely. 7. Ethics: for moral discernment. 8. Social commentary by smart people. 9. Everything related to the Bible. 10. Science, especially what is written from the Intelligent Design viewpoint. 11. Classic literature: Plato, Aristotle, Pascal, so much more. 12. Literature: enliven your imagination through story. 13. Spiritual writings: deepen your relationship with God.

That should keep you busy for some time, good time.

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