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26 Tips to Writing Badly

Writing badly comes naturally to most, but these tips will help you become awesome in your epic badness.

  1. Don’t proofe read .

  2. Who cares what the difference is between a semicolon and a comma?

  3. Use common terms over and over, such as “great,” “nice,” “awesome.”

  4. End a paragraph whenever the mood strikes you.

  5. Ignore word limits. Express yourself as need be.

  6. Don’t read “gifted” or “classic” writers who have endured through history. It might rub off on you.

  7. Write with many distractions going on around you. It helps you be creative. (I hear that this helps people with ADD, though.)

  8. Only fulminating fussbudgets care about the difference between em-dashes and hyphens. Innovate – yeah…

  9. Never risk going over people’s heads when you write. Go for the lowest common denominator—or lower.

  10. Use worn out, cliché phrases. First and foremost, everybody is used to them, so it’s cool.

  11. Mix metaphors. Everybody does it.

In “Garner’s Modern American Usage,” Bryan A. Garner offers this classic example of a mixed metaphor from a speech by Boyle Roche in the Irish Parliament:

“Mr. Speaker, I smell a rat. I see him floating in the air. But mark me, sir, I will nip him in the bud.”

Isn’t that cool?

  1. Capitalization is UP to You. Don’t fuss over any Rules in the matter.

  2. Never consult style or grammar guides. Why cramp your expressive style with stupid rules? Instead read cool books about the new uses of language, which have been marinated in the internet.

  3. creative. with. periods. W.h.y. n.o.t??!!…

  4. Use commas, or, not. Up to you.

  5. Being fussy over complete sentences is a sign of anal-retentive fascism. Keep your grammar out of my bedroom!

  6. Imho, use text talk in writing, lol. U r entitled to it. K?

  7. Always be breezy, never serious, cuz, like, why be inhibited?

  8. Instead of finding the right work combination to articulate an idea, use extra punctuation!!! Why not??

  9. Throw in quotation marks “randomly” to express a knowing skepticism for no reason.

  10. Read Harry Frankfurt’s On Bullshit. Do everything he says not to do.

  11. Embrace obfuscation.

  12. For all intensive purposes, don’t fuss over getting sayings right. It will wreck havoc on your style and undermine the tenants of your writing.

  13. Never turn in a paper to Douglas Groothuis or any other curmudgeon who insists on obeying rules, developing an elegant style, or mastering documentation. These people are so 1970s!!! lol; omg.

  14. Any noun can be verbed. Example: The Governor smokescreened that issue.

  15. Boldface whenever you There are no, like, rules.

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